2 août 2011

Revue de presse Palestine 01/08/2011

01/08/2011, Amira HASS, Palestinian's low salaries also linked to Israeli social struggle, Ha'aretz
"A financial crisis in the Palestinian Authority" - that is a convenient description of the situation where, on the eve of Ramadan, the Ramallah government is (again ) unable to pay the full salaries of its 150,000 public sector employees. This is a short, but very inaccurate description, however. The crisis, says economist Raja Khalidi, is in the status quo that Israel has enjoyed since the Oslo Accords: Israel is in control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip - and Palestinian society and the donor countries finance the cost of this domination.
01/08/2011, Netanyahu has only himself to blame, Ha'aretz
Now the prime minister is paying the price for sitting on the fence. His popularity is at a nadir, and although there is no immediate political threat against him - his rivals in the Likud are silent and the opposition is not currently perceived as an alternative - he behaves as if his government is in imminent danger of falling, and responds accordingly out of pressure and panic.

There is nothing worse for a leader than losing control of the agenda. That is what has happened to Netanyahu over the past three weeks, and from a direction he did not expect. He may still be able to come to his senses, calm the protest and lead the country anew. But his time is running out and the camp demanding his resignation is growing stronger.
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